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Safeguarding your business as it grows


SafeMobile is a unique comprehensive platform providing a safe, trusted and highly-secured cyber solution for mobile application developers and for existing mobile applications.  


Featuring a full security library used throughout apps development stages, SafeMobile leads to an automatic journey to client security in server application ecosystems.


Preserving identity, enforcing business rules


Deterring unfriendly developement breaches, SafeMobile performs bi-directional authentication, safeguarding your end-user’s private credentials.

Easily integrated with mobile code development when installed in organizations and cloud infrastructures, SafeMobile acts as an agile add-on when delivering new releases, updates and versions.


Creating trust, moving one step ahead


SafeMobile SDK

Highly secured with self-defending code, SafeMobile SDK  provides critical security services for top layer developed applications.

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StarGate - Mobile Cyber Gateway (MCG)  

Acting as a secured single point of entry, StarGate also enables single sign in to all apps on the end-user’s mobile device. 

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The Registrar server validates and holds device sessions and user identities. It also authenticates client requests with third party authentication mechanisms and maintains a user repository.

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Cyber CA - Certification Authorization

The SafeMobile high-performance Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) supports device enrollment, certification and personalization together with application code authorization. 

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