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Company Profile

Company Profile

Prevision, headquartered in Israel, was founded in 2007 by highly professional security experts. Prevision was built with the aim of delivering cutting-edge security services to high–end systems. Prevision is specializing in strategic level projects at major, small to very large organizations or entities.

With the aim of bringing measurable, added value and outstanding operational proficiency, Prevision's objectives are:

In the public sector, Prevision has designed and successfully implemented strategic security projects for governmental institutions as well as for national critical  infrastructure projects including gas, water & power.

In the private sector, Prevision has developed advanced security solutions for some of the world's leading financial institutions, including Telecoms & Communications companies and for high-end technology providers.

Specializing in the field of financial crimes, Prevision expertise extends to tracking down & investigating international fraud, money-laundering, counterfeiting & identity theft, whether in traditional banks, e-banking, trading / credit card companies or other major commercial institutions.

Based on its extensive worldwide experience, Prevision has developed unique working techniques, expertise and know-how, which enables the company to deliver professional services of the very highest standards to the global arena.

Prevision team

Leveraging the experience accumulated during 15 years in the IT and Security industries, Prevision delivers clients consultancy services based upon a team of professionals with insightful knowledge of network architecture, data communications, software design patterns, business processes, computer forensics and fraud detection.

Our mission is to ensure that clients can evolve and secure their business in a better way. This can only be achieved through extensive hands-on experience in system integration, software development and network architecting, allowing the knowledge to flow smoothly from the consultant to the client's environment.

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